WRENDERINGS The Newsletter of the Harford Bird Club

Volume 19 Number 4

July - August 2006


Picnic Set For September 9
'06 - '07 Membership Renewal
Calendar of Events
AOU Announces New Updates to the North American Checklist
Harford Birdlife
Field Trip Schedule
Field Trip Reports
"End of Summer" Picnic Reservation Form

Picnic Set For September 9

One of the most difficult, yet most rewarding aspects of the Christmas Bird Counts for me is contacting landowners for permission to access their property. Often this is time consuming, and can be foreboding when you walk up a long dark farm lane or similar property! But the payoffs have been fantastic, including such wondrous birds over the years as Short-eared Owl, American Pipit, and Saw-whet Owl. Now the Harford Bird Club is setting up a program to thank these landowners for allowing our access. As suggested by Dennis Kirkwood, Dave Webb is heading up a program to identify landowners that have allowed birding access on their lands. We will begin to invite these 'friends of birding' to dinner meetings free of charge for recognition for their contributions to the club and our activities. Thanks most certainly go out to Dennis for suggesting the idea and Dave for coordinating the task. Over the next few months, if you have names of landowners that have been particularly lenient about allowing access to their lands for birding, please be sure to contact Dave Webb with their names and details about contributions!

Speaking of contributing the use of land, Dennis Kirkwood once again has agreed to host the annual Harford Bird Club picnic on Saturday, September 9th! The picnic was a HUGE success last year, with the ever impressive cooking of Tom Congersky and Randy Robertson, not to mention a cooperative pair of Red-headed Woodpeckers and many other birds along the way. Look for additional details on the picnic elsewhere in this newsletter. Be sure to get your reservations in soon so that we know how many people to cook for, and I look forward to seeing all of you on September 9th!

This past month we had our Summer Social event at the Anita C. Leight Estuary Center, a fantastic nature center with meeting facilities and fantastic views of the Bush River and surrounding woods. Several new members, and our member or longest tenure (a member since the 1950s!) were in attendance. Guest speaker Bob Ringler shared videos from Costa Rica, showing us just what a hummingbird feeder can do when in the right location! The Mill of Bel Air sponsored a very successful raffle on the evening that included everything from bird feeders and books to walking/talking penguins! Becky Gallo, dedicated bird club member and employee of the Estuary Center, worked overtime to open up and clean up the building for us. A special thanks goes out to Becky and all the others that assisted with purchasing and set-up of all the 'goodies' for the Summer Social, I can guarantee that all 41 club members in attendance enjoyed the meeting and the opportunity to share stories over wine and cheese!

And last but most certainly not least, Colleen Webster and the Field Trip Committee have been hard at work setting up a host of trips from late August through October. Everything from canoe trips and owling to fall-warbler walks and hawk watches, the Harford Bird Club has much to offer over the next few months! Please be sure to check the field-trip list in this newsletter or online at www.harfordbirdclub.org for dates and times of each trip. In the meantime... remember to ask all of those people running for political offices in September and November to keep birds and the 'sport' of birding in mind as they develop their policies! Hope everybody enjoys the 'dog days' of summer; and we'll see you out on the birding trails and picnics! Russ Kovach

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'06 - '07 Membership Renewal

Annual membership dues are now due for the club year running from September 1, 2006 through August 31, 2007. Please fill out the form, enclose your check made payable to HARFORD MOS and mail it to our Treasurer, Marjie Heagy. We would like to have all dues paid by November 1, 2006. You may pick up your membership card at the November meeting or they will be mailed to you. *Please do not send dues with the picnic reservation form.* Thank You

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Calendar of Events

September 1 Deadline: Harford Birdlife: Becky Gallo
September 9 "End of Summer" Picnic.
September 17 Fall Count: for more information contact Mark Johnson at 410-692-5978
September 25 Deadline: Wrenderings: Rick Cheicante
October 26 HBC Executive Board Meeting - 7:00 p.m. at the Harford County Public Library (Bel Air)

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AOU Announces New Updates to the North American Checklist

Ever wonder why the species in your bird books are ordered the way they are? Or, why they change as often as they do? The reason is that the official source for the taxonomy of North America Birds is the "American Ornithologists' Union (AOU) Check-list of North American Birds". Once upon a time the AOU would go for years without a need to update the checklist. However, with the use of modern molecular techniques in the field of bird classification, the AOU has had to issue updates annually just to keep up with the progress in the scientific community.

So what changes do this year's updates have in store for your bird list? Well, probably not much since most of the updates described in this 47th checklist supplement involve either tropical species or Latin name changes. However, there are a couple of noteworthy changes that should grab the attention of North American Birders.

If you are a birder who's been lucky enough to see a Blue Grouse in the interior west - well, you'll have to remove it from your list now. Replace it with the newly split Dusky Grouse of course though. And if you're one of the more lucky of us who have seen a Blue Grouse in CA, western OR, or the western quarter of WA, B.C., or AK - well kudos to you - you've gained a Sooty Grouse!

The shorebird, tern, and cuckoo lists have undergone some rearrangement but otherwise remain the same compositionally. One neat thing about the shorebird regrouping is that the Willet and the Tattlers are now included with "yellowlegs" and "shanks" in the genus Tringa. Although taxonomists have long suspected close relationship between those sandpipers, birders may none-the-less be surprised to learn that Willet, with its flashy wing pattern, dull blue-gray legs, heavy straight billed, and plain underparts, is now considered a "shank" too. Dave Ziolkowski

A complete summary of this year's AOU checklist updates are available at http://www.pwrc.usgs.gov/BBS/whatsnew

Detailed accounts for the updates are available in the original AOU document: American Ornithologists' Union. 2006. Forty-seventh supplement to the American Ornithologists' Union Check-list of North American Birds. Auk 123(3):926-936. www.aou.org/checklist/Suppl47.pdf

The complete updated AOU check-list can be found at www.aou.org/checklist/index.php3.

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Image of a Wren over outline of Harford County
Harford Birdlife
by Becky Gallo

May - June 2006: Late spring, early summer brought us lots of good birds. The Warblers were back, especially at Susquehanna State Park and Eden Mill. New breeding birds for the County or for our own personal bird list were also found.

Geese, Swan, Ducks, Gamebird
Canada Geese were spotted at Swan Harbor Farm in May (MoH). DW had four Tundra Swans fly over the Route 22 gate of APG on May 1st. FG & JG saw 1 Wood Duck at Swan Harbor Farm on May 29th. On May 26th MoH and CS spotted a female Common Goldeneye on APG. DW saw 2 different mergansers, Hooded on June 8 and Common on May 26. Wild Turkeys were present on APG on May 4, 11 and 16 (MoH).

Pelican, Cormorant, Herons
JG and BG watched a White Pelican land in the water near the new pier at Swan Harbor Farm on June 12, it stayed for about an hour. MoH saw 75 Double-crested Cormorants and 100 Great Blue Herons at the Conowingo Dam on May 7th. On June 8th DW spotted a Great Egret in the marsh by Phillips Airfield. Swan Harbor Farm, Ducks Unlimited Pond was busy - JG saw a Snowy Egret flyover on May 15, a Cattle Egret was scoped out on May 21st (JG) and MoH saw a Green Heron on May 18th.

Vulture, Hawks, Falcons
Black Vulture babies were found in the abandoned silos at Swan Harbor Farm on May 29th by FG & JG. On May 14th DL saw two Ospreys at Lakeside. Bald Eagles were present in their usual haunts - Conowingo Dam (May 7 MoH), Swan Harbor Farm (MoH, JG, FG May & June) and APG (MoH May). A Northern Harrier flew through the Havre de Grace area on May 7 (MoH). On June 9 DW watched 2 adult American Kestrels bring food to 4 fledglings at the Munson Test Course on APG. A Peregrine Falcon flew over JG's house at Swan Harbor Farm on May 14.

Rail, Plovers, Sandpipers
On May 26th DW heard a Virginia Rail calling near Boone Creek. FG and JG saw a Black-bellied Plover and 3 Semipalmated Plovers at the Ducks Unlimited Pond at Swan Harbor. DS saw 14 Semipalmated Plovers and 3 Solitary Sandpipers at the same pond on May 12th. At Lakeside on May 14th DL saw 3 Killdeer, 2 Spotted Sandpipers and 1 Solitary Sandpiper. Fourteen Semipalmated Sandpipers, 1 White- rumped Sandpiper and 5 Least Sandpipers were seen at Swan Harbor on May 28th (FG). DK saw a Short- billed Dowitcher on May 3rd at Harford Glen.

Terns, Cuckoos, Owls
MoH saw a Royal Tern on June 4th while walking the Promenade in Havre de Grace. Least Terns were spotted at Lakeside (DL May), and at Harford Glen (RC June). A Yellow-billed Cuckoo was seen in the Rock Run Mill Area of Susquehanna State Park on May 12 by RC and at Swan Harbor on May 29 by FG & JG. BC heard a Great Horned Owl in Bel Air near John Carroll School on June 17th. MoH saw 2 Barred Owls at the front gate of Swan Harbor Farm on May 4th.

Hummingbird, Woodpeckers, Flycatcher, Vireos
A Ruby-throated Hummingbird was seen three different times in May on APG (MoH). He also saw a Hairy Woodpecker on May 12th on APG. FG & JG saw a Northern Flicker at Swan Harbor Farm on May 28th. DW got to see a male and female Pileated Woodpecker with a fledgling near Woodrest Creek on June 12th. Eastern Wood-Pewees were seen at Swan Harbor Farm (FG & JG) and on APG (MoH). Along the wooded area of the driveway going into Swan Harbor Farm FG & JG heard at least 8 Acadian Flycatchers singing at the end of May. DW heard 3 Willow Flycatchers singing on the Scarboro Equestrian Trail on May 23rd. Eastern Kingbirds were seen on APG (MoH), Lakeside (DL) and Swan Harbor Farm (JG & BG). Warbling Vireo and Red-eyed Vireos were both seen at Swan Harbor during the last weekend of May (FG & JG).

Lark, Swallows, Nuthatch, Wren
Horned Larks were at Swan Harbor on May 29th (JG) and June 15th (RC). Purple Martins are nesting off Route 40 in Aberdeen (DW & JG) and at Swan Harbor (JG & BG). Tree Swallows were seen at Swan Harbor by MoH, DW, JG and BG. Barn Swallows are also abundant at Swan Harbor (MoH, JG & BG). Northern Rough-winged Swallows are nesting at Mulberry Point and Spesutie Island on APG (DW). A late Red-breasted Nuthatch was seen on May 21st at Broad Creek (DW). An active Marsh Wren nest was found on Swan Creek near High Point on June 18 by MW & dW.

Gnatcatcher, Thrushes, Mimids
Blue-gray Gnatcatchers were seen at Susquehanna State Park, APG and Swan Harbor during the month of May (MoH). Eastern Bluebirds nested and were active at Swan Harbor Farm (MoH, FG, JG, BG). RC saw a Veery and Wood Thrush in the Rock Run Mill Area of Susquehanna State Park on May 12th. RC had a Gray-cheeked Thrush in his yard on May 21st, a new yard bird for him. Brown Thrashers have made Swan Harbor a home, being first seen on May 28th and now seen on a regular basis (BG).

Twenty-five species of warblers were reported to me! Northern Parula was seen at Susquehanna State Park (RC) and Swan Harbor (FG & JG). A Yellow Warbler was spotted at Susquehanna State Park (RC). MoH saw on APG a Chestnut-sided Warbler and RC saw 1 at Susquehanna State Park. On May 12th at the Rock Run Mill Area of Susquehanna State park a Magnolia Warbler was seen (RC). A Cape May Warbler was in Creswell on May 14th (RC). MoH saw a Yellow-rumped Warbler at Susquehanna State Park on May 24th. A Black-throated Blue Warbler, Black-throated Green Warbler and Yellow-throated Warbler were seen in May at Susquehanna State Park (RC). In Creswell a Blackburnian Warbler was seen in May (RC). DW saw 2 Pine Warblers at Camp Saffron, Broad Creek on May 21st. RC saw a Prairie Warbler at Eden Mill on June 17th. MH had a male and female Blackpoll Warbler in her yard in Fallston. A Cerulean Warbler and Black-and-white Warbler were seen at Susquehanna State Park in May (RC). DS saw 1 American Redstart at Swan Harbor Farm on May 12th. RC saw at Susquehanna State Park a Prothonotary Warbler, Worm-eating Warbler, Ovenbird and Northern Waterthrush. FG and JG saw at Swan Harbor Farm a Louisiana Waterthrush at the end of May. A male Mourning Warbler was singing at Broad Creek on May 21st. DS saw 2 Common Yellowthroat at Swan Harbor Farm in May. FG heard and saw a male Canada Warbler in May at Swan Harbor Farm. RC saw a Yellow-breasted Chat at Eden Mill on June 17th.

Tanagers, Sparrows, Grosbeak, Orioles
DW & DK found a nest of a Summer Tanager along with 2 adults on APG June 9th, the first record for Harford County. MoH saw a Scarlet Tanager at Swan Harbor Farm on May 4th. DW saw a Song Sparrow feeding a cowbird fledgling along Deer Creek near Sandy Hook Road. A male White-throated Sparrow was heard singing along Woodrest Creek on APG on June 12th, very late to migrate this year (DW). MoH saw a Rose-breasted Grosbeak in Havre de Grace on May 3rd. Indigo Buntings were seen at Swan Harbor Farm (FG, JG, BG, DS) and on APG (MoH). MoH & RC saw Orchard Orioles and Baltimore Orioles at Susquehanna State Park. MoH also saw Orchard Orioles at Swan Harbor Farm.

RC - Rick Cheicante, BC - Bill Collins, FG - Frank Gallo, JG - John Gallo, MH - Marjie Heagy, MoH - Monroe Harden, DK - Dennis Kirkwood, DL - Dave Larkin, CS - Chris Starling, DS - Don Soubie, dW - Danny Webb, DW - Dave Webb, MW - Marsha Webb

I want to thank everyone who contributed. The next article will have sightings from July 1 thru August 31, 2006. You can call me with sightings - 410-459-8873 or email me. Please send the reports to me as you see them.

Thanks and Happy Birding!

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Field Trip Schedule
by Colleen Webster

Saturday, Aug 19
Bombay Hook. Join Dennis Kirkwood on a 3/4 day adventure to this birding mega-hotspot for shorebirds and the hottest rarities. Black-necked Stilt, American Avocet, Stilt Sandpiper, and Wilson's Phalarope top the list of regular fall highlights but that's not all as this is also a great time to pick up seaward strays and western vagrants. Bring sunscreen, insect repellent, and lunch. Scopes helpful, but not necessary. Meet at 7:00 AM at the MD 155 and I-95 park-n-ride. Contact Dennis at 410-692-5905 for further information.

Sunday, Aug 20
Harford Shorebirds.. Join experienced shorebirders Les Eastman and John Gallo to see that southbound shorebirds, such as Semipalmated Plovers, Solitary, and Pectoral Sandpipers aren't all plain brown. Beginners interested in learning the basics of shorebird identification and experienced watchers searching for rarities will enjoy this morning trip to Havre de Grace and neighboring sites. Scopes are helpful, although not necessary. Meet at Swan Harbor at 8:00 AM and contact John Gallo for details.

Friday, Aug 25
Nighthawk Watch.. Drive to the top of Bel Air's only parking garage to greet the nighthawks as they head out for their evening feast. Leader Randy Robertson doesn't exactly bait the dusk fliers, but trip-goers can expect to see plenty of swooping in the lights of our burgeoning town. Meet at the top level at 6:30 pm. Contact Randy Robertson for details.

Saturday, Aug 26 (day of Double Fun, morning trip)
Butterflies and Dragonflies of Harford County.. Join Rick Cheicante for this very leisurely half day foray to one of Harford County's local butterfly and dragonfly haunts. Butterflies may include the showy swallowtails, Monarch, and Viceroy as well as the diminutive hairstreaks and challenging grass skippers. Odonate hopefuls include Common Green Darner, Eastern Pondhawk, Black Saddlebags and the resplendent Halloween Pennant. Contact Rick Cheicante for all the details. Sunny day only!

Saturday, Aug 26 (continuing the Double Fun, evening trip)
Twilight Canoeing at Eden Mill.. Take in a warm summer evening of natural history and easy exercise along one of upper Deer Creek's most scenic stretches. Dave Ziolkowski and natural historian/expert canoeist Frank Marsden interpret the sights, sounds, and smells to make this a multi-sensory experience. Trip meets at 4:30 PM but space is limited so make reservations before trip date. $5 fee goes towards club donation to nature center. Contact Dave Ziolkowski for information and reservations.

Sunday, September 3
Harford Glen.. Join co-leaders Lynn Davis and Dave Larkin on a trip though the marshes, fields, and forests of this perennial club favorite. Always a productive location, the Glen reliably produces a good variety of passerines and shore birds. Meet at the upper lot in the pine grove at 7:00 AM. Contact Lynn for more information.

Saturday, September 9
Annual Club Picnic.. Enjoy the great food and company at this annual fun filled and birdie event! Generously hosted this year once again by the Kirkwood family at their family farm in White Hall (very near the world famous Bradenbaugh Flats!).

Sunday, September 17
Winters Run Road (SW Harford County).. Join Lynn Davis and Dave Larkin on this first of two leisurely walks that the club will hold this fall along quiet and scenic county roads. True to its namesake, this road meanders along the cool clear waters of Winters Run. Great time to catch migrant songbirds with excellent opportunities for viewing them all along the way. Meet at the park-n-ride on MD 24 just 1/2 mile south of I-95 at 7:00 AM. Contact Lynn for more information.

Saturday, September 23
Fort Smallwood Hawkwatch.. Join leader Spike Updegrove for a visit to this well known Anne Arundel County park and prime site on the East Coast for spotting migrating hawks. Timed specifically to coincide with Broad-winged Hawk migration, trip-goers can expect to see large numbers of these flocking hawks. Sharp-shinned and Coopers Hawks are also likely to make an appearance. Meet at the MD 152 and I-95 park-n-ride at 8:00 AM. Contact Spike for more information.

Saturday, September 30
Harmony Church Road (Eastern Harford County).. Join newly-wed leader Russ Kovach (sorry ladies!) for a leisurely stroll along this quiet and scenic county road. The road meanders within earshot of the harmonious babbling of the cool clear waters of Deer Creek, a magnet for some favorite southbound songbirds. Meet at the intersection of MD 136 and Harmony Church Rd at 7:30 AM. Contact Russ for further information.

Saturday, October 7
Owl Prowl.. Just how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop? Who-who-who knows, but Dave Ziolkowski will once again drag good friend and expert owl homing beacon Russ Kovach from his comfy home to try to get you close enough to Mr. Owl to ask. Screech, Barred, and Great-horned Owls possible - no guarantees though so come prepared with binoculars, small flashlight, and your most mouse-colored clothing to stack-the-deck! Meet at C. Milton Wright H.S. parking lot at 5:30 PM. Contact Dave Ziolkowski for more details.

Sunday, October 15
Susquehanna State Park.. A perennial favorite of the club, this trip sends off the last of the fall migrants and welcomes the arrival of some "cold weather" residents. Join Les Eastman to see thousands of Tree Swallows amassed over the river on their southbound journey and search the forest for Gray-cheeked and Swainson's Thrushes, Blue-headed Vireo, Cape May Warbler, Creepers and Kinglets. Meet at 8:00 AM at the Rock Run Mill. Contact Les for more information.

Saturday, October 21
Bombay Hook.. Day long adventure to the hook and some of the adjacent birding mega- hotspots. The muddy impoundments, fresh & saltwater marshes, and wave washed beaches afford great numbers and good views of shore and water birds. American Bittern, Black-bellied & Golden Plovers, and Baird's & White-rumped Sandpipers are local specialties but that's not all as european waifs, western strays, and windblown pelagics commonly occur. Bring lunch and meet at 7 AM at the MD 155 and I-95 park- n-ride. Contact leader Russ Kovach for details.

Friday, October 27
Eden Mill.. Grab a glimpse, and a handful, of southbound warblers, vireos, and thrushes as these migrants catch a meal and some rest in this scenic park along upper Deer Creek. Biologist Mark Johnson demonstrates the art and science of handling birds while popular leader Les Eastman follows up with a guided tour and instructions on how to identify confusing fall birds with binoculars. Meet at the Joe Vangrin Memorial Pavilion, about 1/2 mile up the road from the Eden Mill House at 8 AM. Contact Les for details.

Wednesday, November 1
Mariner Point Park.. Enjoy the ease and accessibility of paved paths while birding with leader Tom Congersky along this waterway and wooded park, a favored club destination. Nestled between the Gunpowder marsh and the slow waters of Foster Branch, the varied habitats and paved trails of this park make for good birding and a comfortable walk. Meet near the pavilion at the back parking lot at 8 AM. Contact Tom for details.

Saturday, November 4
Owl Prowl.. Tame nightlife got you down? Get with an experienced pro as leader Dave Webb leads you through the Harford countryside to make “rarely heard – seldom seen” a thing of your owling past. Great-horned, Barred, and Screech Owls expected with Saw- whet and Long-eared long-shots (but you don't want to be the one that has to hear about it second hand if he does find one, right?). Dress warm and meet at Eden Mill's lower lot at 6 PM. Contact Dave Webb for more details.

Saturday, November 11
Hidden Valley / Upper Deer Creek.. Administered by Rocks State Park, however, the lightly used trails of this section recall an Appalachian park as they wind around large hemlocks and substantial cliffs. Join local resident and natural historian Dennis Kirkwood in a search for Kinglets, Creepers, and other denizens of the northern forests. Meet at Hidden Valley (North end of Madonna Road) at 7 a.m. For further information contact Dennis.

Saturday, November 18
Conowingo Eagle Watch.. Conowingo is one of the best locations for mid-Atlantic eagle watching as dozens of eagles flock to this hydroelectric fish cuisinart. Join expert leaders Tom Gibson and Les Eastman who will help you additionally search out Peregrine Falcons, northern gulls and, if you're really lucky, Golden Eagle. Scopes are helpful. Meet at 8:00 AM at Fisherman's Park at the bottom (east end) of Shures Landing Road. Contact Les for more information.

Sunday, December 3
Swan Harbor Farms.. This county owned park on the Oakington Peninsula contains a mix of flooded & dry agricultural fields, deciduous woodlands, and brushy meadows. Great spot to search for waterfowl, Savannah Sparrow, and Bald Eagle. Highlights could aslo include Merlin, Black-bellied & Golden Plovers, Wilson's Snipe or other late shorebirds. Meet leader John Gallo at the park headquarters at the end of the entrance road at 8:00 AM. Contact John for more details.

Saturday, December 9
Maryland and Delaware Shore.. This full day adventure visits some of Delmarva's birding mega- hotspots in search of early winter waifs and northern strays. Target birds include Northern Gannet, Eiders, Harlequin Duck, Purple Sandpiper, Snowy Owl, Great Cormorant, and Brown-headed Nuthatch. Bring lunch and warm, comfortable clothing. Meet at the MD 155 and I-95 park-n-ride at 6:30 AM. Contact leader Russ Kovach for more information.

Sunday, December 17
Harford Waterfowl Tour.. Marvel at thousands of Lesser Scaup and search for species that are tough to find locally, such as Surf Scoter, Redhead, Long-tailed Duck, and Northern Shoveler. Beginners interested in learning the basics of waterfowl identification and experienced watchers searching for rarities will enjoy this morning trip to the Upper Bay and Perryman. Scopes are helpful, although not necessary. Meet leader Dave Webb at 7:30 AM in the Wal Mart parking lot, northeast corner (farthest from store and closest to Rt.7). Contact Dave for more information.

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Harford Bird Club
Field Trip Reports

Palmer State Park
May 20: The place was Lochary Rd. and the time, just right for late migrants. Though a singing distant Veery and Blackburnian Warbler graced the species list, this day turned out to be all about our local residents as breeders were many and 'just what the atlas ordered'. Singing Orchard Oriole, Blue-winged, and Prairie Warblers greeted us at the end of the road, shortly before all ten or so of us commuted back to the intersection with Forge Hill Rd.. It was while hiking down that road that we spotted a Ruby-throated Hummingbird festooning her cobweb nest with bits of lichen, three nestling Eastern Phoebes huddling in their moss laden rock face nest, two mud masoned wood thrush nests, and an old pendulous Red-eyed Vireo nest. Active Downy, Hairy, and Red-bellied woodpecker nests were signaled by busily feeding parents and their begging nestlings. Thanks to all who came and who made this a most enjoyable trip. Dave Ziolkowski

Nest Finding Trip: Gunpowder State Park & Jerusalem Mill
June 11: About five of us enjoyed a morning of beautiful weather at Jerusalem Mill on June 11, 2006. The air was relatively humid but temperatures were mild and avian vocalizations were a bit muted compared with previous weeks. We began with finding a low Eastern Phoebe nest with four eggs present. Shortly thereafter we found an Eastern Kingbird nest high in an American Sycamore with a Baltimore Oriole nest nearby within the same tree. We began hiking up the trail north and found a recently used Wood Thrush nest that was empty. A Red-eyed Vireo next found in an American Beech tree from a previous trip was empty as well. A "western-looking" Scarlet Tanager was found singing in the same territory found in the previous week along the Little Gunpowder River. This bird had a partially scarlet head with a yellow body with black wings; however, without wing bars. Together, it was a pleasant trip worth repeating. Mark Johnson

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"End-of-Summer" Picnic

Saturday, September 9, 2006
Newark Farms North
2:00 P.M.
BirdWalk to follow

Featured Items:
Tom Congersky and Randy Robertson's Famous Pit Beef
Corn-on-the-cob, baked beans

Volunteer food dishes and other help is needed.
Bring your beverage of choice!

R.S.V.P. by September 1, 2006
Location: Dennis and Jean Kirkwood's Farm, 2659 Bradenbaugh Road
For directions and to help: Contact Dennis at 410-692-5905

"End of Summer" Picnic Reservation Form

Please return to Eileen Nack, 8 Cresmont Drive, Aberdeen MD 21001 by Friday, September 1, 2006. __________ Number of adults ( at $12.00 each ) __________ Number of children 12 and under ( at $5.00 each ) Please make checks payable to Harford County MOS. _______________________________ Print your name(s) Include address and phone number if you would like transportation to the meeting. _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ TEL:___________________________

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