WRENDERINGS The Newsletter of the Harford Bird Club

Volume 15 Number 3

May-June 2002

"Acquainting folks to the wild birds and birding life of Harford County"


Summer Social at the Anita Leight Estuary Center
Harford Bird Club: The Busy Season
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Harford Birdlife March 16, 2002 - May 15, 2002
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FIELD TRIPS June 2002 - July 2002
SUMMER SOCIAL Reservation Form

Summer Social at the Anita Leight Estuary Center

The Harford Bird Club will have its sixth "Summer Social" at the Anita Leight Estuary Center on Friday, July 12 at 6:30 p.m. Light fare (soft drinks, cheese, crackers, vegetables, and fruit) will be included in the registration fee of $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for children. Please return your reservation form to Bobbie Siebens by Friday, July 5.

As for entertainment, Mr. David Brinker of the Department of Natural Resources will present: Northern Goshawk: A Bird Driven by it's Prey.

The Anita Leight Estuary Center is located two miles east of Edgewood just south of Route 40 on Otter Point Road. Details are available from Carole Vangrin at (410) 838-1921 or Carol Flora at (410) 879-0642.

Special Announcement: Due to the late arrival of the newsletter, feel free to call Carol Flora, Carole Vangrin or Bobbie Siebens (410) 836-1725 to sure up a head count. You may submit your reservation form via mail or bring it with you to the event. Nominations are still needed for Harford Bird Club members' annual awards. Winners may be announced at the Summer Social or later this year. Award categories include Birder of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Bird of the Year, and Volunteer of the Year. Please submit your nominations to Carol Flora as soon as possible.

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Harford Bird Club: The Busy Season

Wow! The Harford Bird Club has had a really busy year so far - the Christmas Count, the May Count, The Atlas Project, participation in Earth Day events, participation in the Havre de Grace Waterfowl Festival, many successful field trips, three dinner meetings, plus all the presentations by our Education Committee and the concerted effort of our Conservation Committee to help preserve birding habitat in Harford County. When it comes to birds and birding, we are an energetic and passionate group. I want to personally thank all those who take on the responsibility of organizing these activities and all those who take part.

Now it's time to relax a little and enjoy some social interaction. The Summer Social will again be held at the Anita Leight Center on Friday evening, July 12th. There will be light refreshments followed by an interesting presentation by David Brinker of the Department of Natural Resources on the Northern Goshawk. If you have not attended one of the Summer Socials, give it a try. The Leight Center is a unique facility. Plan to come early and walk one of the trails. A reservation form is included in this newsletter. Don't forget to put October 12th on your calendar for the picnic at Capa Field. Details will be included in the next newsletter.

Continued Happy Birding! - Carol Flora

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Publicity CMTE

Earth Day was a great success for the Harford Bird Club. We passed out seed, book marks and Harford County birdlists with our website well marked on them. We had a lot of interest. Hopefully, we will see a few new members resulting from this effort.

Havre de Grace Waterfowl Festival, a three day event, was well represented by our bird club. We had two tables well supplied with things to be given away. Many people stopped by to take the bird identification test. Again, we had a lot of interest and passed out Harford County birdlists and bird seed.

I want to thank all of those who participated in working the tables. - D & M Seitz

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Education Committee

Two programs have been developed-one for elementary students and one for adult community groups. This year thirteen presentations were done with one still to do in July. The elementary programs are geared toward second, third, and fourth grade students. In some cases, they are given to a combination of grade levels. Programs were done for:

Adult groups

We probably reached about 600 students and about 100 adults. Mark Johnson is in the process of making some title and divider slides for the program, and we will be ordering additional slides so that we don't have to be shuffling the arrangements back and forth. Thanks to Madeline Lovera and Debbie Stewart who assisted with the presentations. - Jean Fry

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Conservation Committee

In April 2001, I used bird club slides to present a program to the Isaak Walton League about land use and bird habitat, and how landowners can protect their properties from future development through the use of conservation easements that can be tailored to permanently protect and enhance bird habitat. I also helped several landowners prepare for conservation easement negotiations. One project resulted in the permanent protection of 19 acres of forest along the north side of Houcks Mill Rd. Another project will permanently protect from timbering a block of 118 acres of forest just over the line in Baltimore County. This forest includes a healthy tributary to the Gunpowder and a woodland of this size is rare in the Manor [?]. It will be permanent bird habitat for such species as Scarlet Tanager and Pileated Woodpecker. I also continued work with the Harford Co. Dept. of Public Works to assure preservation of some of our dirt roads in the rural areas of the county which are great for leisurely and safe bird walks. Also, we are keeping in contact with Constellation Energy regarding protection of the Perryman plant site, especially the woodcock habitat area. Ornithological interests are being promoted in Harford County and beyond! - Debbie Bowers

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Calendar of Events

July 12 Summer Social at the Anita Leight Estuary Center.
July 16 Deadline - to contribute Harford Birdlife reports to Jean Fry for May 16, 2002 - July 15, 2002. Jean's address is 1202 Ridge Road, Pylesville, MD 21132 or email at ffryjl@aol.com.
July 23 Deadline - to submit articles for the July/August issue of Wrenderings to Rick Cheicante. Rick's address is 1003-F Jessica's Ct, Bel Air, MD 21014 or rickcheicante@cs.com.
October 12 Annual Picnic at Capa Field..

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Barn Owl Project

There are still several assembled Barn Owl nest boxes available which we would like to have distributed by the end of June 2002. If you know of a suitable location in Harford County with good habitat please contact Marsha Webb (phone 410-939-3537). We will be glad to deliver the boxes for the recipients to install themselves. - Marsha Webb

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Bird Trivia

Ravens are highly social birds that mate for life and play complex games with each other.

Large billed finches, such as cardinals and grosbeaks, have pads on their feet to help grip icy branches.

The American Bird Conservancy reveals that 230 species of birds have been documented as being killed at towers. Of these, 52 species are on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service list of Species of Management Concern or on the Partners in Flight Watchlist.

A sleeping bird opens its eyes often apparently to check its surroundings for predators.

Hummingbirds are native only to the Western Hemisphere.

More than 600 bird species nest in North America. Carol Flora

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Harford Bird Club Field Notes...

In Memoriam - Barclay Earl Tucker , Sr. died on April 9, 2002 at St. Joseph Hospital in Towson. He was 88. Mr. Tucker had been a member of the Harford Bird Club since 1954, and was a past president of the club. He served as president of the Maryland Ornithological Society from 1973-1976, the only president in that organization's history from Harford County. He also was chairperson of the state sanctuary committee for several years. The club was fortunate to have him present at its 50th anniversary dinner in 1999. He was retired from Westinghouse as a technical writer. He also had worked at Martin Marietta. Mr. Tucker is survived by his wife Elizabeth Preston Jones Tucker, a son Barclay E. Tucker of Seven Valleys, Pa. and two grandsons. He was preceded in death by his first wife, Ruth Naomi Peters Tucker.

In Memoriam - William J. Walker died on May 6, 2002 at the Charlestown Retirement Community in Catonsville, where he had lived for eight years. He was 83 years. He was a veteran of the North African, Italian, and German campaigns during World War II and had served in the Army for 26 years before his retirement as a lieutenant colonel in 1966. He then became a civilian employee at Aberdeen Proving Ground and worked on the development of the M-15 tank. He retired in 1990. He and his wife, Barbara, who survives him, were members of the Harford Bird Club for several years in the 1980's. They faithfully attended the dinner meetings. Mr. Walker was a skilled woodcarver who enjoyed making miniature birds, which he displayed at Harford Day School in Bel Air. He is also survived by a daughter, Pamela Walker Kern of Bethesda, a brother, Dr. John Walker of Scottsdale, Arizona, and a sister, Dorothy Oehlschlaeger of Sarasota, Florida.

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Annual Award's Nominations

Birder of the Year: ______________________
Rookie of the Year:_____________________
Lister of the Year:______________________
Bird of the Year:_______________________
Volunteer of the Year:___________________

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Image of a Wren over outline of Harford County
Harford Birdlife
March 16, 2002 - May 15, 2002 by Jean Fry

Springtime temperatures have been mild, except for one very hot week in April when it was in the 90's. There has been some relief from the drought with numerous showers and thunderstorms, but more rain is still needed throughout the region. It has been interesting to look for migrants after some of the strong fronts which have passed through in the past month. The column for this time period is usually longer than for some of the other months. A special thanks to all of you who took the time to record your sightings.

DW reported that three Common Loons flew over his house only a few feet above the treetops in Webster Village in Havre de Grace on 4/18 and 4/19. JC and LE saw two Common Loons on a walk on 4/27.

PP saw 85 Double-crested Cormorants in the trees on an island in the Gunpowder River on 4/21. RC spotted a Great Egret at Harford Glen near Bel Air on 3/30, 3/31, and again on 4/7. DL found a Green Heron at Harford Glen and at Lakeside on 4/27. JC reports that he is back into birding and having a lot of fun. Hope that it continues. He reported a Green Heron at Lakeside on 5/7.

JC saw a Mute Swan at Majors Choice Pond off Wheel Road in Bel Air on 3/28. PP spotted a male Wood Duck on 4/21, fourteen at Gunpowder State Park in Joppa on 5/14, and a pair at Mariner Point in Joppatowne on 3/22. He found five pairs of Green-winged Teal at Mariner Point on 3/18 which continued until 4/8. RC reported a male Green-winged Teal at Harford Glen on 3/16 and a pair there on 4/7. DL saw a Hooded Merganser at Lakeside on 3/30, a Blue-winged Teal at Harford Glen on 4/7, a Red-breasted Merganser at Lakeside on 4/7, and a Bufflehead at that location on 4/13. RC found a pair of Blue-winged Teal at Harford Glen on 3/30, 3/31, and again on 4/7. He also saw many Wood Ducks and Green-winged Teal there on 4/7.

PP saw an Osprey on a telephone pole outside his home in Joppatowne on 3/22. It was eating a large fish and the whole family got a good look at it. A good yard bird! KD noticed a pair of Osprey nesting along Route 40 just south of Havre de Grace about 4/22. JC found one at Route 24 and 40 on 5/7. JLF watched one soar and fish over Lake Mitten in Pylesville on 5/11.

DMS reported a Cooper's Hawk in their backyard in Bel Air in mid-April. JLF had a Cooper's Hawk in their woods in Pylesville starting on 3/16; then there was a pair; then there were several copulations and nest building. At the present the female has been sitting on the nest for about three weeks. On 3/19 a Sharp-shinned Hawk soared overhead and dived into a flock of Mourning Doves near their home. On 3/19 two Red-tailed Hawks soared and dived at each other with their talons outstretched. On 3/19 LF heard a Red-shouldered Hawk near Heaps School Road in Pylesville. Then he saw a Red-shouldered and a Red-tailed diving at an immature Bald Eagle. All of this was in one binocular view! On 4/6 JLF saw four Red-tails soaring very high over Grande View Drive in Pylesville.

JC discovered a Wild Turkey in Broad Creek Scout Camp on Susquehanna Road on 4/29.

DW and DZ heard a Black Rail [nice!] on 5/11 on Aberdeen Proving Ground.

JC found a Common Moorhen at Route 24 and 40 on 5/7. DS and PP spotted one at Harford Glen on 5/13.

PP found two Killdeer at Mariner Point on 3/26 and one on 4/8 at the same location. Killdeer were also seen at Lakeside and at Jones Farm on Route 7 on 5/7 by JC. PP found an early Yellowlegs at Mariner Point on 3/18. PP reported three Least Sandpipers, six Greater Yellowlegs, and one Lesser Yellowlegs at Mariner Point on 4/8. DL located a Greater Yellowlegs at Lakeside on 3/30 and again on 4/21 along with Solitary Sandpiper, and Spotted Sandpiper. DL added a Lesser Yellowlegs and a Least Sandpiper at Harford Glen to that list on 4/27 and repeated the same sightings at Lakeside on 4/27. RC saw Greater Yellowlegs, Lesser Yellowlegs, Solitary and Spotted Sandpipers at Harford Glen on the mudflats around the pier on 5/4. They were all there at the same time, so it made for a great study. PP found one Spotted Sandpiper at Lakeside on 4/21. Six Spotted Sandpipers were observed at Lake Mitten by JLF on 5/4. A Solitary was seen by JC at Lakeside on 5/7. PP saw a Dunlin at Mariner Point on 4/22. In early April the new impoundment at Swan Harbor had six Greater Yellowlegs, one Least Sandpiper, and 35 or more Common Snipe (MH). Four Common Snipe were seen at Mariner Point on 3/26 by PP. One was reported by DL at Lakeside on 3/24 and again on 3/30. MH saw four American Avocets from the Lapidum boat launch on 3/30. They flew in from the north and briefly landed by Port Deposit before flying toward the I-95 bridge. They roosted on the north side of the bridge in the middle of the river until at least 4:30 p.m. This may be a first county record.

RC saw a Caspian Tern over the Susquehanna River near Rock Run Mill on 5/3. JLF heard a Black-billed Cuckoo in the woods above their house on 5/5 and along Grande View Drive on 5/10. Where was he on May Count? DW reported a Yellow-billed Cuckoo at Webster Village on 4/19.

DB had a pair of Great Horned Owls that spooked during the day on 4/14 in Street. PP noted that as of 4/28 a pair of Barred Owls was nesting at Mariner Point. DB had a pair of Barred Owls calling on 5/12 in Street and on 5/14 she saw one in the morning, spooked him, and was able to watch him for a few minutes perched in the top of an oak tree, swinging in the wind, looking down warily. JLF had one calling at 5 AM on 4/22 and again on 5/8 at 10 PM in Pylesville.

DW saw eleven Common Nighthawks fly over his house in Webster Village on 5/15. RC reported one over Bel Air on 5/14. DW and DZ found a Chuck-will's-widow on the May Count (5/11) at Bridge Creek on Aberdeen Proving Ground, the same location where they found one last year. DW also reported Whip-poor-wills calling at APG's Mosquito Creek on 4/26.

Chimney Swifts were noted by RC on 4/24 at APG in Edgewood. DB also had them in Street on 4/24. JLF didn't see them in Pylesville until 5/11.

LE, the "King" of the Hummingbird Kingdom in Harford County, saw his first Ruby-throated Hummingbird at his home near Havre de Grace on 4/26. As of 5/15 he was seeing at least two males and one female. JCV saw one in Bel Air that same day. JLF saw their first one in Pylesville on 5/1 and the first one at the feeder on 5/3. They saw a pair near Lake Mitten on 5/10. JC found one near Winters Run on 5/15.

RC watched a pair of Belted Kingfishers chase each other at Harford Glen on 3/16.

There was a virtual plethora (I love that word!) of woodpecker sightings. On 5/1 DW and son Danny saw a Red-bellied Woodpecker in their backyard in Webster Village. It was just fifteen feet away and struggling to gain altitude. In its grasp was a small Corn Snake whipping frantically from side to side. The bird eventually made it to the trunk of the tree. By the time DW got to the tree, the snake had slithered away to safety. He could not tell if the woodpecker held the snake by its bill or feet. The tree is the one in which the Red-bellied is nesting. Jan/Feb. 2000 on-line edition of Birdwatcher's Digest does state that they have been known to feed on young Green Snakes. DW also had a male Pileated at the same location on 3/31 and 4/19. On 4/28 he had a male and a female. The male was prying loose large pieces of bark from a dead tree. After the birds flew off, he and Danny discovered that the bird had been feasting on a colony of termites. JCV saw four species of woodpeckers in their backyard in Bel Air on 4/4: a Pileated, a Northern Flicker, several Downies, and a Red-bellied. JC got a 10++++look at a Pileated on Guyton Road on 5/3, watching it for over five min. while it worked on some rotted wood and called.

JLF had their first Eastern Phoebe arrive in Pylesville on 3/16. A pair emerged and they proceeded to nest in the open side of their carriage shed. It's been a busy coming and going for several weeks. SJ had an Eastern Phoebe ceaselessly sending out Easter greetings on 3/31 on Pyle Road in Forest Hill. DL saw an Eastern Phoebe on 4/7 at Harford Glen. Acadian Flycatchers were seen by JC on 5/8 on Laurel Brook Road and by RC at Rock Run on 5/10. DL found a Great Crested Flycatcher at Harford Glen on 4/27; RC saw one at Rock Run on 5/10. PP and DS saw a Least Flycatcher at Harford Glen on 5/15.

DW had a Blue-headed Vireo on 4/19 and a Warbling Vireo on 5/5, both at Webster Village. RC had both Yellow-throated and Warbling Vireos at Rock Run Mill on 5/3. JLF saw their first White-eyed Vireo near Lake Mitten on 4/23; DL saw one at Harford Glen on 4/27; DW had one singing at the edge of their woods in Webster Village on 4/28. JC had a Red-eyed Vireo at his home in Bel Air on 5/10.

Tree Swallows were observed by PP at Mariner Point on 3/26; by RC at Harford Glen on 3/31, by JLF at Lake Mitten on 4/5, by DL at Harford Glen and Lakeside on 4/7; he also found Northern Rough-winged at Harford Glen on 4/7. SJ saw his first Barn Swallow on 4/3 in Forest Hill; RC saw them at Harford Glen on 4/7 along with twelve to fifteen Northern Rough-winged. On 4/21 PP saw Tree, Barn, and Northern Rough-winged in the same tree at Gunpowder State Park.

DW saw a Red-breasted Nuthatch at Webster Village on 5/4. DL reported Brown Creepers as very common at Harford Glen on 4/7. He also saw a House Wren there that day, as well as large number of Ruby-crowned Kinglets and a Golden-crowned Kinglet. JCV saw a Ruby-crowned Kinglet on the Ma and Pa trail in Forest Hill on 5/5. RC reported seeing four Blue-gray Gnatcatchers at Harford Glen on 4/7, his first for the year, as well as a Winter Wren. DB found a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher in Street on 4/22. JLF saw their first House Wren in Pylesville on 4/23 and observed three fledgling Carolina Wrens on 5/9.

DW spotted two Veery and one Swainson's Thrush at Webster Village on 5/6. SJ had an Ovenbird and a Wood Thrush singing nonstop along Kellog Creek at Rocks on 5/12. On 5/14 DW found a Wood Thrush nest in one of their small hemlock trees in Webster Village with two eggs in it, one of which was a Brown-headed Cowbird egg. JCV had two Wood Thrush on 5/10 in Bel Air. RC saw a Hermit Thrush in Harford Glen on 4/7. He also saw Wood Thrush, Swainson's Thrush, Veery, and Gray-cheeked Thrush at Rock Run on 5/10. JC found an Ovenbird and Hermit Thrush at St. Mary Magdalene Church on Route 22 in Churchville on 4/7 and a Gray-cheeked Thrush on Friendship Road on 5/8. JCV reported a pair of Eastern Bluebirds with five eggs in Bel Air. RC reported Eastern Bluebirds at the Edgewood area of APG on 4/24. PP observed Eastern Bluebirds nesting at Mariner Point on 5/1. JLF observed large flocks of American Robins everywhere on 3/17.

RC had a Brown Thrasher visit his feeder in Bel Air on 5/1. JCV had a treat when thirty or more Cedar Waxwings visited their pond stream in Bel Air on 4/8 and stayed for about an hour. CP had a flock of 26 Cedar Waxwings on 3/16 in the trees behind her house in Jarrettsville. They preened a little and stayed for about twenty minutes. JC saw a flock of 37 CW near Winters Run on 5/15.

In the warbler category, there were numerous sightings as to be expected at this time of the year Blue-winged were seen on 4/27 at Harford Glen by DL and at Webster Village by DW. JC reported a Northern Parula at his home in Bel Air on 5/10; DL saw one at Harford Glen on 4/27. Yellow were seen on 4/3 on Pyle Road in Forest Hill by SJ, on 5/11 by JLF just off Route 165 in Pylesville, on 4/21 by PP at Gunpowder SP, and on 5/7 by JC at Lakeside. JF saw Chestnut-sided in Pylesville on 5/10; RC found three at Rock Run that day. Magnolia were found by RC at Rock Run on 5/10; a pair was seen in Street by DB on the same day. Many Black-throated Blues were seen by RC on 5/10 at Rock Run; JCV saw one in Bel Air on 5/10; DL found one at Harford Glen on 4/27; PP saw a female at Gunpowder State Park on 5/14. Black-throated Green were seen by JC on Guyton Road on 5/8, by DL at Harford Glen on 4/27, and by RC at Rock Run Mill on 5/3 and 5/10, and by JCV in Bel Air on 5/12. JCV reported an adult male Yellow-rumped Warbler in Bel Air on 4/22, two on 4/26, and two male and one female on 5/12. DL found a Yellow-rumped on 4/7 at Harford Glen. A Palm Warbler was spotted by JCV on the Forest Hill section of the Ma and Pa trail on 4/5, by JLF near Lake Mitten on 4/6, and by DL at Harford Glen on 4/7. RC saw Canada at Rock Run on 5/10; MW found one in the woods in Webster Village on 5/13. DB saw a Prairie on 4/20 in Street; DW had one on 5/3 in Webster Village. DB also saw Black-and-whites on 4/24 in Street.Common Yellowthroats were found by DL at Harford Glen on 4/27, by PP at Gunpowder SP on 4/21, and by SJ scrambling among the brambles on Pyle Road in Forest Hill. A Pine was found by DL on 4/7 at Harford Glen. PP reported a female Hooded at Gunpowder SP on 5/14. DW reported several Blackburnian in Webster Village on 5/6. JC found a Northern Waterthrush on Watervale Road on 5/8; RC found two at Harford Glen on 4/27 and five at Rock Run on 5/10. He saw Louisiana there that day and also on 5/3 at Rock Run. American Redstart and Cerulean were seen by RC at Rock Run on 5/3. On 5/10 RC also found four Bay-breasted [Editor's Note: Dr. Norm Friedman - wish you could have been there!] and Blackpoll. Mourning was reported by JC on Friendship Road on 5/8. Ovenbirds were found by DB in Street on 4/19, by JC in Churchville on 4/7, and by JLF in Pylesville on 5/1. JLF found a Yellow-breasted Chat on 5/4 in Pylesville and three on 5/11.

A pair of Scarlet Tanagers was reported by DB on 5/1. RC also saw one at Rock Run on 5/3.

DMS saw an Eastern Towhee in their backyard in Bel Air during the second week of April. MH reported loads of Savannah Sparrows at Swan Harbor in early April. JCV saw a White-crowned Sparrow in Bel Air on 4/3. DW had a Lincoln's Sparrow at Webster Village from 5/8 until 5/11 and again on 5/14.

DL spotted a Blue Grosbeak at Lakeside on 4/21. RC had one visit his Bel Air feeder from 4/28 until 4/30 and again on 5/14. DB saw one at LaGrange and Coen Roads in Street on 5/15. DW had a female in a treetop on 5/1 in Webster Village. CP saw a Rose-breasted Grosbeak in her yard in Jarrettsville on 5/1. DMS saw a female at their feeders in Bel Air on 5/3. DB had a pair at her sunflower feeder in Street on 5/9. RC saw one at a Creswell feeder on 4/29 and had a pair there from about 5/3 until 5/12. JCV had a male in Bel Air on 5/11. DW had a male at their sunflower feeders in Webster Village from 4/28 until 5/1.

DW had a male Indigo Bunting at their sunflower feeders on 4/29. NF observed a Painted Bunting that was visiting a feeder on Chesapeake Drive in Havre de Grace. It was coming to the feeders at a private residence and the homeowner did not want its presence revealed, so only a few personal acquaintances of the homeowner saw the bird. It was first observed on March 1 and last observed on April 8.

RC reported Eastern Meadowlarks calling and sitting along a fence top by the airfield at APG in Edgewood most of the last week of April and well into May. He also found five Rusty Blackbirds at Rock Run on 5/10. DW saw a Baltimore Oriole at Webster Village on 4/19. PP saw two at Mariner Point on 4/26. He had a female Orchard Oriole at Mariner Point on 5/1 and a male Orchard at Gunpowder SP that same day. RC found both Baltimore and Orchard at Rock Run on 5/10. LE had a male Baltimore near Havre de Grace on 5/10.

On 4/15 DW had fifteen Purple Finches in Webster Village and a late Pine Siskin on 5/3. DMS had two female Purple Finches in Bel Air on 5/3. LE had a female PF near Havre de Grace on 5/10.

Contributors to this column were: Debbie Bowers (DB), Rick Cheicante (RC), Jon Cupp (JC), Ken Delano (KD), Les Eastman (LE), Norman Friedman (NF), Jean and Larry Fry (JLF), Matt Hafner (MH), Sam Jones (SJ), Dave Larkin (DL), Carol Pace (CP), Phil Powers (PP), Dave and Macrina Seitz (DMS), Joe and Carole Vangrin (JCV), and Dave and Marsha Webb (DMW).

The deadline for submissions to the next column will be Tuesday, July 16 covering the period from May 16 until July 15, 2002. Please send your submissions as you see them with a date and location to: ffryjl@aol.com.

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Harford Bird Club
Field Trip Reports

Harford "Hotspots"
Six of us met on what looked like an ideal winters day for birding; cool and sunny. Our first stop was Canning House Road. Here we had excellent views of Horned Larks in the fields and a Bald Eagle drifting by overhead. A cold biting wind had begun to blow and we were happy to move onto the shelter of the pond on Club House Road. On the pond were Gadwall and American Wigeon while a Hermit Thrush was observed moving through the bushes. From Club House Road we moved to the fields at Perryman where we found a small flock of Eastern Meadowlarks and some White-crowned Sparrows. The next stop after Perryman was Swan Harbor. Horned Lark was observed again in the fields at Swan Harbor. In the cove we found a large collection of water birds were taking sheltering from the now very strong winds. On the water were very large numbers of American Coot, smaller numbers of Bufflehead, Pied-billed Grebes, Gadwall and Canada Geese, a few Common Mergansers, a Hooded Merganser and a Common Goldeneye. On the walk back to our cars the wind become intolerable and we all agreed to call a halt to our day at that point. - David Larkin

Gunpowder State Park: Sweet Air
Five people joined me on the foggy, mild morning of April 13 for a two-hour hike in search of early migrants. Before ascending Rocks Ridge we heard a Chestnut-sided Warbler [very early!] in the distance, and though we tried, could not find it. We watched a pair of Hermit Thrushes moving about along the ground, saw a single junco unusually high in the canopy, and a pair of phoebes. A Carolina Wren was hopping about among some boulders. We watched a pair of Eastern Bluebirds at a box at the park office. The group included veterans Jean Wheeler and Bill Pfingsten, and new member Carol Pace of Jarrettsville. - Debbie Bowers

Jerusalem Mill
On a pleasant but cloudy day six birders began our annual Jerusalem Mill trek. I was very surprised as a new birder who I met at Earth Day came on the walk. Ovenbird, Louis-iana Waterthrush and Pileated Woodpecker were highlights. Only two Wood Thrushes were present this year with a total of 34 species. - Phil Powers

Harford Glen
On Saturday, May 4, 2002, seven of us enjoyed the wonderful weather at Harford Glen seeing 43 species of birds including some which were caught in Sue Heselton's nets. Some of the great birds were: Green Herons, Hooded Mergansers, Semipalmated and Spotted Sandpipers, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, House Wren, Yellow Warbler, Black-throated Blue Warbler, Pine Warbler, Common Yellowthroat and Louisiana Waterthrush. A great time was had by all. - Dave Seitz

Glen Meadows
On a perfect spring day, Wed., May 8th, four residents of the Glen Meadows Community joined four members of the club on a walk through various types of habitat on the property. Jean and Larry Fry led the group in locating 41 species, including American Redstart, Magnolia, and Black-throated Blue Warblers . We were pleased to check a bluebird box which had a bird on the nest, but very sad later to find the young in another box had been destroyed. Other than that the morning was most enjoyable. Jean Williams

Rocks State Park
May 5 : Rocks State Park On this sunny Spring Sunday morning three people joined Mary Procell and me at the park headquarters and walked up the hill to the King and Queen seats. We saw 24 Species of birds which included Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Great Crested Flycatcher, Ovenbird, Worm-eating, Black-and-white, and Yellow- rumped Warblers, American Redstart, Scarlet Tanager, and a humming bird. - Tom Congersky

Rock Run Mill
At 6:00 a.m. probably nobody would believe our bird walk would be on today. Heavy rain and lightning filled the sky, but for five birders who appeared at the Rock Run Mill clear skies filled the day. Warblers and thrushes were in short number but a final total of 55 species was a pleasant surprise. Phil Powers

Mariner Point Park
May 16: Mariner Point Park Ten people joined me for this Thursday morning field trip. The weather was sunny and a nice and variety of birds were seen. Our final total was 45 sp. which included Wood Ducks, Great Egret, Dunlin, Semipalmated Plover, Yellow Warbler, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Blackpoll Warbler, Common Yellowthroat, Baltimore and Orchard Orioles. - Tom Congersky

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June 2002 - July 2002

Saturday, July 20
Harford Glen Check out Harford Glen for local favorites and fledging birds. New shorebirds are a possibility. Meet at the Glen at 7:00 a.m. Contact Jon Cupp for details at (410-893-1853).

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Please return to Barbara Siebens, P.O. Box 68, Pylesville, MD 21132-0068 
Friday, July 5, 2002.

                __________ Number of adults ( at $5.00 each )
                __________ Number of children 12 and under ( at $3.00 each )

                Please make checks payable to Harford County MOS.

                         Print your name(s)

Include address and phone number if you would like transportation to the meeting.
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Please send any comments to Les Eastman.
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