A Chapter of the Maryland Ornithological Society
Membership Year - September 1, 2012 - August 31, 2013

( ) Individual	 	$33.00
( ) Sustaining		$63.00
( ) Life (see below)
( ) Household		$39.00
( ) Junior		$10.00
Memberships for those who are either members of another MOS Chapter
or are MOS Life Members. 

( ) Individual          $13.00
( ) Household           $19.00

Please indicate your MOS membership status:

			( ) MOS Life Member (After 9/1/90)
			( ) Member of ______________ MOS Chapter

	Dues for New Memberships paid after March 1 
	are one half the listed amount.

	________________ AMOUNT ENCLOSED
	Make Checks payable to Harford County MOS

( ) New Harford Bird Club Membership*  ( ) Renewal

Please give names as they should appear on the membership list.
Married couples should give both names.

Name __________________________________________________________________
Street & # ____________________________________________________________
City, State ___________________________________________________________
Zip Code __________________	Telephone _____________________________
Email Address _________________________________________________________

( )	Check  here if this is a new address, phone number or email
( )	Check  here if you object to having your name, address, and 
        phone number listed in the state directory.
( )     Check here if you would like to receive your Harford Chapter 
        Newsletter by email.

*If a new member, how did you find out about the 
Harford County Bird Club? _____________________________________________


Return above page to:
Marjorie Heagy
1438 Sharon Acres Road
Forest Hill, MD 21050


An "Individual" membership is anyone 18 or older.

A "Junior" membership is someone younger than 18 whose parents are not
members (i.e., not part of a household membership)

A "Household" membership is all persons residing at the same address.
(A student who is away at school and wants publications mailed to the
school address must be in the Individual class.)

Life Membership dues are: State $1000.00 and Chapter $300.00.

New life memberships have the option of paying $13.00* per year
Chapter dues in lieu of the $300.00 lump sum.  Life memberships
effective prior to September 1, 1990, are exempt from any further
chapter dues payment.

* Subject to future dues increases.

Contact Information

Send email to webmaster@harfordbirdclub.org with questions or comments about this web site.