Bird Club Field Trips

Here are the Harford Bird Club field trips for the next few weeks. If you would like further information about a particular field trip, please contact Tom Gibson.

November 22 (Sat.) - Sweet Air section of Gunpowder Falls State Park. Explore a variety of trails that meander among pines, deciduous woods, open fields, and riparian habitats. Meet at 8:30 AM in the Dalton-Bevard Rd. parking area west of Routes 165 & 152. The leader is Susan Hood (410-937-7552;(

November 29 (Sat.) – Conowingo Eagle Watch. Meet at 8:00 AM at Fisherman’s Park below the dam. Expect more than 100 Bald Eagles and possibly a Golden Eagle (along with some buzzards). There will also be waterfowl and early winter songbirds. Contact leader Dennis Kirkwood (410-692-5905 or; for more information.

December 7 ( Sun.) – Delaware Coast. Meet at the 155/I-95 Park and Ride at 6:30 AM. This trip will visit several hotspots along the Delaware Bay for wintering specialties. Contact leader Russ Kovach for further details (443-386-4787 or

December 13 (Sat.) – Swan Harbor Farm Park. Avian activity will be surveyed with an emphasis on wintering waterfowl in this preserved area near the upper bay. Meet at the parking lot at the end of the driveway. Leaders are Josh Emm (410-937-6790; ) and Matt Hafner (410-971-3203; ).

December 27 (Sat.) - Christmas Bird Count. Contact Rick Cheicante (410-803-2712; ) to participate.

January 1, 2015 (Wed.) – Perryman Area. Celebrate the new year/recover from New Year’s Eve by birding the always productive Perryman Area with leader Phil Powers (410-679-4116 or Meet at the Aberdeen Walmart parking lot at 8:30 AM.

January 2, 2015 (Fri.) Club Meeting

January 10, 2015 (Sat.) – Feeder Tour. Join our annual feeder tour to visit the private homes of a few of our members to survey avian visitors to their bird feeders. While the birds enjoy some of their favorite foods, tour guests will also have the opportunity to enjoy some breakfast goodies. Reservations required.. The hosts this year are Susan and Bob Hood (410-877-0574; and Kim and Matt Hafner ( 410-971-3203;

January 10 (Sat.) Christmas Bird Count for Kids, Swan Harbor Farm, Havre de Grace, 8:30AM-11:15AM.
Join us at Swan Harbor for Harford Youth Birding's first CBC4Kids! We'll begin with binocular boot camp, then each participant, accompanied by an adult, will be part of a team led by an experienced birder. The team will record the number of bird species and individuals along a route already mapped out for you. All teams will then tally the results and we'll add the data to eBird. Teams will be divided into two age groups: 4-7 and 8-16 years old. To register or for more information, email Ruth Bergstrom at or call 443-752-1967. Scout or school groups welcome. Sorry, but this trip is full.

January 17 (Sat.) – Conowingo Gull/Eagle Watch. Dennis Kirkwood (410-692-5905; leads this morning’s survey from Fisherman’s Park just below the Conowingo Dam on the Harford County side of the Susquehanna. Meet at 8:00 AM to begin the search for Bald Eagles, various gulls, waterfowl, and perhaps some prospect for a Golden Eagle.

January 24 (Sat.) – Mid Winter Bird Count. Contact the local compiler, Rick Cheicante (410-803-2712; to participate in this opportunity to measure birdlife abundance in our area. Feeder counters are especially welcome.

January 31 (Sat.) – Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge/Upper Shore /Kent Co. Late winter is prime time to visit this scenic part of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Diverse habitat provides a variety of species with a focus at this time of year on wintering waterfowl. The leader is Eric Vangrin ( Meet at the Havre de Grace 155/I-95 Park-and-Ride at 7:30 AM.

February 7 (Sat.) – Bradenbaugh Flats. Take a pleasant tour through NW Harford County's agricultural area to find wintering field birds and waterfowl. Expect Horned larks, Ring-necked Ducks, with a chance for Cackling Goose, Longspurs, and Snow Buntings. The trip ends at the leader's house with hot soup. Meet at Jarrettsville Elementary School at 8:00 AM. Contact Dennis Kirkwood (410-692-5905; for further information.

February 15 (Sun.) -- Loch Raven Reservoir. Enjoy the rich habitat of Baltimore's premier watershed for wintering migrant songbirds, waterfowl, and raptors. Meet at the Park-and-Ride on Rt.152 just north of Rt.147 near Fallston at 7:30 AM. Co-Leaders are Dave Larkin (410-569-8319; and Phil Powers (410-679-4116;

February 21 (Sat.) – Southern NJ/ Cape May – Lewes Ferry. Journey to Southern New Jersey in search of winter residents and strays. Possible targets include Eurasian Wigeon, Orange-crowned Warbler, Harlequin
Duck, both Common and King Eiders, Great Cormorant, plus many others along the Delaware Bay and the Cape May area coastline. In the afternoon we will take the 2:30 run of the Cape May – Lewes Ferry where all three scoters can be expected in addition to Gannet, Common and Red-throated Loons, and a shot at potential pelagic birds as well. The birding trip is free, but CM – L Ferry charges $27 for car and driver plus $8 per additional adult ($51 for a car full of four adults). Contact Russ Kovach at 443-386-4787 or for additional information. Meet at 6:00 AM at the 155/I-95 Park-and-Ride.

Feb. 28 (Sat.) – Promenade at Havre De Grace. Meet the leaders at 9:00 at the Parking lot for Tydings Park in Havre de Grace for a stroll along the Promenade and waterfront to look for wintering species including ducks, gulls, terns, etc. The walk will be followed by a lunch afterwards at the Laurrapin Grille. Contact Leaders Colleen Webster (410-459-4577; and Sue Procell (410-676-6602; ahead of time so they can make lunch reservations.

March 7 (Sat.) – Emory Knoll Farms. This trip offers a great chance to find a variety of late winter/early spring songbirds including Fox Sparrow, Pine warbler and tree Sparrow. We will walk the gentle trails for about one
mile at a leisurely pace. Meet at the 165/543 Park - and - Ride at 8:00 AM. The leader is Dennis Kirkwood (410-692-5905;

March 11 (Wed.) – Timberdoodle Search. Meet at 6:45 PM at the commuter lot at Rt.155 and I-95 and proceed to a nearby location that has produced fascinating Woodcock activity as darkness begins to descend. Leading are Elaine Beery (410-272-6037; and Jane Scocca (410-272-8870;

March 14 (Sat.) – Swan Harbor Farm Park. This Harford County gem with three impoundments, a commanding view of the Bay, wooded trials, and open fields has developed into a fine location for a broad spectrum of bird
life including waterfowl, marsh specialties, raptors, and sparrows. Meet at 8:00 AM at the parking lot adjacent to the Agricultural Education Center at the end of the driveway. The leader is Josh Emm (410-937-6790;

March 18 (Wed.) -- Timberdoodle Search. Join this evening watch for one of our most interesting (and elusive!) birds, the American Woodcock, as it performs its mating sky dance. Meet at 7:00 PM at the Edgewood Home Depot on Rt.40 in the southwest corner of the parking lot. The leader is Phil Powers (410-679-4116;

March 21 (Sat.) – Harford Waterfowl Tour. Marvel at large rafts of scaup and search for species that are tough to find locally, such as Surf Scoter, Redhead, Long-tailed Duck, and Northern Shoveler. Beginners interested in learning the basics of waterfowl identification and experienced watchers searching for rarities will enjoy this morning trip to the Gunpowder River and Havre de Grace. Scopes are helpful, although not necessary. Dress warmly and must bring photo ID for entrance to APG. Meet at 6:00 AM in the back lot of the McDonald’s in Edgewood on Rt.40. Contact leader Dave Webb (410-939-3537; for trip details.

March 28 (Sat) – Lapidum . Look for gulls, lingering waterfowl and perhaps some early surprises with leaders Matt Hafner (410-971-3203; and Mark Magnani (410-838-1778; Additional sites in Susquehanna State Park may be visited. Meet at the Lapidum parking lot at the south end of SSP at 7:30 AM.

April 11 (Sat.) -- Perryman Area. Veteran leaders Phil Powers (410-679-4116; and Dave Larkin (410-569-8319; will take you on an expedition, driving to various locations in the Perryman area known to harbor interesting birdlife from Horned Larks and Pipits to waterfowl and shorebirds. Depart from the Aberdeen WalMart parking lot (Rt.40) at 7:30 AM.

April 18 (Sat.) – Harford Glen. Meet at the Glen (west end of Wheel Rd) at 7:30AM. We will begin this tour with sightings from the parking lot, then proceed to survey the triple riparian habitats of Atkisson Reservoir, the faster flowing Winter’s Run, and the Plumtree Run tributary. The woodland trails and open meadows offer great opportunities for good birding. Ruth Bergstrom (443-752-1967; will be leading our trip.

April 24 (Fri.) – Jerusalem Mill. Visit this appealing stretch of the Little Gunpowder River marking Harford unty’s western border. Meet at the mill on Jerusalem Rd. (off Rt.152) at 7:30 AM. Leader is Phil Powers

April 25 (Sat.) – Susquehanna State Park. An ideal time to enjoy emerging wildflowers, early migrant songbirds, and lingering winter visitors. Meet at the parking area at the confluence of Deer Creek and the Susquehanna
River just north of Rock Run Mill at 8:30 AM. The leaders are Colleen Webster (410-459-4577; and Sue Procell (410-676-6602;

April 29 (Wed.) – Cromwell Valley Park. Take an avian excursion through this Baltimore County preserve sure to score well with spring migrants. The leaders are veterans Phil Powers (410-679-4116; and Dave Larkin (410-569-8319; Meet at the commuter lot on the west side of Rt.152
( Fallston Rd.) just north of Rt.147 (Harford Rd.) at 7:00AM.

May 2 (Sat.) – Seventh Annual Epic Birding Contest. (Inclement weather date, Sun., May 3). The first six of these contests have each been a real hoot (although we haven't had an owl, yet)! So make room on your calendar to join us at Susquehanna State Park. Beginners and accomplished birders are welcome. We'll meet at the Rock Run Mill at 6:30 AM for team selections and rules review. Counting will begin at 6:45 AM and end at 11:30 AM. A rally/celebration will occur at approximately 12:00 PM at the Laurrapin Grille in Havre de Grace. Family members and others are welcome to join the contestants for the celebration. Coordinators are Tom Gibson (410-734-4135; and Sue Procell (410-676-6602 or

May 9 (Sat.) – Statewide May Count. Help Harford County contribute to this important data collection day and monitor migration throughout our locale. Contact the coordinator, Rick Cheicante (410-803-2712; for assignments.

.May 23 (Sat.) – Kayak Trip, Perryville Park. Trip leaders are Colleen Webster (410-459-4577; and Sue Procell (410-676-6602; Trip will begin at 8:00 AM and visit scenic Mill Creek, beautiful and historic Furnace Bay and perhaps the famous Susquehanna Flats. Bring
your own kayak or rent one for a fee. Contact Colleen for further details on the trip and rentals.

May 25 (Mon., Memorial Day) – Hidden Valley. Dennis Kirkwood (410-692-5905; will lead this trip starting at 7:00 AM to this little known but beautifully scenic stream and forest. Meet the leader at the parking area.

Field trip schedule compiled by Tom Gibson and Mary Trotta

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