Bird Club Field Trips
Here are the Harford Bird Club field trips for the next few weeks. If you would like further information about a particular field trip, please contact Tom Gibson.

April 18 (Sat.) – Harford Glen. Meet at the Glen (west end of Wheel Rd) at 7:30AM. We will begin this tour with sightings from the parking lot, then proceed to survey the triple riparian habitats of Atkisson Reservoir, the faster flowing Winter’s Run, and the Plumtree Run tributary. The woodland trails and open meadows offer great opportunities for good birding. Ruth Bergstrom (443-752-1967; will be leading our trip.

April 24 (Fri.) – Jerusalem Mill. Visit this appealing stretch of the Little Gunpowder River marking Harford unty’s western border. Meet at the mill on Jerusalem Rd. (off Rt.152) at 7:30 AM. Leader is Phil Powers (410-679-4116;

April 25 (Sat.) – Susquehanna State Park. An ideal time to enjoy emerging wildflowers, early migrant songbirds, and lingering winter visitors. Meet at the parking area at the confluence of Deer Creek and the Susquehanna
River just north of Rock Run Mill at 8:30 AM. The leaders are Colleen Webster (410-459-4577; and Sue Procell (410-676-6602;

April 29 (Wed.) – Cromwell Valley Park. Take an avian excursion through this Baltimore County preserve sure to score well with spring migrants. The leaders are veterans Phil Powers (410-679-4116; and Dave Larkin (410-569-8319; Meet at the commuter lot on the west side of Rt.152Fallston Rd.) just north of Rt.147 (Harford Rd.) at 7:00AM.

May 2 (Sat.) – Seventh Annual Epic Birding Contest. (Inclement weather date, Sun., May 3) The first six of these contests have each been a real hoot (although we haven’t had an owl, yet)! So, make room on your calendar to join us at Susquehanna State Park. Beginners and accomplished birders are welcome We’ll meet at the Rock Run Mill at 6:30 AM for team selection and rules review. The contest will end at 11:30 AM. A rally celebration will occur at approximately 12 noon at the Laurrapin Grille in Havre de Grace. Family members and others are welcome to join the contestants for the celebration. Coordinators are Tom Gibson (410-734-4135: and Sue Procell (443-417-4919 or ).

May 9 (Sat.) – Statewide May Count. Help Harford County contribute to this important data collection day and monitor migration throughout our locale. Contact the coordinator, Rick Cheicante (410-803-2712; for assignments.

May 15 (Fri.) – Swan Harbor Farm Park. Join an evening trip to try for a glimpse of the elusive Yellow Rail and whatever else can be found. Meet at the parking lot adjacent to the Agricultural Education Center (near end of driveway) at 6:00 PM. Contact leader Josh Emm (410-937-6790; ).

May 15, 16, 17 – MOS State Convention. Annual convention is located in Hagerstown this year. See separate listing of trips and events posted by MOS.

May 23 (Sat.) – Kayak Trip, Perryville Park. Trip leaders are Colleen Webster (410-459-4577; and Sue Procell. Trip will begin at 8:00 AM. Bring your own kayak; no rentals available. Contact Colleen for further details.

May 23 (Sat.) – Ladew Gardens Nature Walk. Join Dr. Dennis Kirkwood and Rachel Hebert (HBC member and Ladew staff member) from 8:00-10:00 AM. They will explore the beautiful grounds of the Gardens in search of colorful spring migrants as they arrive and remaining winter birds just before they depart. NOTE: Ladew Gardens charges $5 to members and $15 for non-members. The fee includes admission to the facility for the day. Advanced reservation and payment is required. CONTACT Sue Myers, 410-557-9570, ext.213 or Note: Sorry, we cannot take any more reservations.The trip is full.

May 25 (Mon., Memorial Day) – Hidden Valley. Leader Dennis Kirkwood (410-692-5905; will lead this trip to the aptly named Hidden Valley area with a beautiful stand of mature hemlock and a sparkling stream. Carpooling encouraged because parking is limited. Meet the leader at 7:00 AM at the parking lot at the northern end of Madonna Road where it crosses Deer Creek.

May 30 (Sat.) – Susquehanna State Park. Catch the last of the migrating warblers along with resident flycatchers and Orioles. Look for some nesting warblers as well. Meet in the parking area of the Mill at Rock Run at 7:30 AM. Contact leader Tim Houghton (410-510-7504; ) for details.

June 6 (Sat.) – Conowingo Trail. Join us for a leisurely walk along this two mile stretch of the Susquehanna River. Meet at the Fishermans’ Park parking lot where you will spot black vultures and possibly see a nesting Peregrine falcon on the dam face. The walk on the edge of the river should yield some Orioles and possibly nesting warblers. Meet at 7:30 AM. The leaders are Susan Hood (410-937-7552; ) and Russ Kovach (; 443-386-4787).

June 12 (Fri.) – Jerusalem Mill. Look for nesting birds along this appealing stretch of the Little Gunpowder River marking Harford County’s western border. Meet at the mill on Jerusalem Road (not far west of Rt.152) at 8:00 AM. Accompany leader Phil Powers (410-679-4116; ) as he scours this attractive habitat for avian nests.

June 13 - Saturday, 830-1100AM - Breeding Bird Count for Kids - Swan Harbor Farm
We promise it will be warmer than the CBC4Kids! Each participant, accompanied by an adult, will be part of a team led by an experienced birder. The team will record the number of bird species and individuals along a route already mapped out for you. All teams will then tally the results and we'll add the data to eBird. Teams will be divided into two age groups: 4-7 and 8-16 years old. To register or for more information, email Scout or school groups welcome.

June 14 (Sun.) – Evening Kayak Trip. Meet at the Tydings Park launch ramp at 5:00 PM for a pleasant and leisurely paddle in the Havre de Grace area. Expect herons, osprey, eagles, ducks and geese and lots of babies, though none flying yet. There will be no rentals available at this hour so you will need to bring/arrange for your own vessel. The leaders are Colleen Webster (410-459-4577; ) and Sue Procell (443-417-4919; ).

June 20 (Sat.) – Harford Glen. Meet at the Glen (west end of Wheel Rd.) at 7:30 AM. The tour will begin with sightings from the parking lot then proceed to scout the triple riparian habitats of Atkisson Reservoir; the faster flowing Winter’s Run; and the tributary, Plumtree Run. The woodland trails, varied water habitats and some open meadow offer great opportunities for good birding, including the possible sighting of a pair of Great Horned Owls. Ruth Bergstrom (443-752-1967; ) will be leading our trip.

July 10 (Fri.) – Beginning Birders. Phil Powers will lead a group of beginners through Harford Glen, a beautiful valley with streams, wetlands, forested hills and meadows. The trip will begin at 8:00 AM. Contact Phil at 410-679-4116; for more details.

July – Wine and Cheese Social. The details of this year’s Wine & Cheese Social were still in the planning stage at the time this schedule was developed. Specifics will be announced through emails and the HBC website.

July 19 (Sun.) – Bombay Hook. Shorebird migration at this time of year offers a fine prospect for a rarity or two along with the usual wealth
of shorebird activity at Bombay Hook. Meet at 7:00 AM at the 155/95Park and Ride. Leader is Dave Larkin (410-569-8319;

July 25 (Sat.) – Hummingbird banding. Watch as experienced bander, Bruce Peterjohn, skillfully and delicately bands our smallest bird. The event will be hosted by Diane Jones at her home. Contact Diane (410-404-9180; for directions and details.

August 8 (Sat.) – Hummingbird Happy Hour. Bring your favorite snack and beverage to enjoy and share during this Ruby-throated Hummingbird Showtime. Meet at Diane Jones’ home at 5:00 PM. Call Diane for directions and information (410-404-9180; ).

August 22 (Sat.) Harford County Shorebird Search. Explore several Harford County shorelines to see a variety of shorebirds and waterfowl. Beginners interested in learning the basics of shorebird identification and experienced watchers searching for rarities wil enjoy this morning trip. Meet at 8:00 AM at Tydings Park in Havre de Grace. For more information contact either co-leader: Dennis Kirkwood (410-692-5905; or Josh Emm (410-937-6790;

August 29 (Sat.) Susquehanna State Park. Explore the park for early migrant warblers with leaders Dave Webb (410-939-3537; and Josh Emm (410-937-6790; ). Meet at 7:00 AM at Rock Run Mill.

August 29 (Sat.) – Annual Club Picnic and Birdwalk at Eden Mill. 1:00 PM.

September 7 (Mon.) – Ma and Pa Trail. Explore the southernmost segment of this popular trail, walking from Annie’s Playground towards Tollgate Road and back. Diverse habitat along the way supports a variety of birds. Meet leader Susan Hood at the parking lot on Smith Lane off Connolly Road in Fallston at 7:00 AM. (410-937-7552; ).

September 19 (Sat.) – The “Big Sit” Matt Hafner (410-971-3203; ) is the organizer for this new activity. Details will follow via following emails and the web.

September 23 (Wed.) – Eden Mill Falling Branch Trail Walk. Dennis Kirkwood is the Leader for this two mile walk which begins at 7:30 AM. Meet at the Eden Mill Nature Center pavilion parking lot off of Eden Mill Rd. Contact Dennis at (410-692-5905; ).

September 27 (Sun.) – Turkey Point. We will meet at 7:00 AM at the Havre de Grace Park & Ride, Route 155 and I-95. The view from this peninsula during the southern migration of raptors and other birds is spectacular. The Northeast River on the northwest, the Chesapeake Bay to the south, and the Elk River to the east funnel the flocks right overhead in a concentrated flow. It is prime viewing for birders and a prime view of the headwaters of the bay. Phil Powers will be leading this trip (410-679-4116; .

Field trip schedule compiled by Tom Gibson and Mary Trotta

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