June Challenge 2014   

The June Challenge is an event started by the Alachua Audubon Society in Florida. The purpose is to get more people birding in the month of June, but I also feel it will be a great way to better understand birds in Harford County. For example, the last two years, I have lead a June field trip for the bird club traversing the entire county and I've been surprised not to see a single gull species all day. Are there really no gulls in the county in June? Were we just unlucky? The Breeding Bird Atlas Project is over, but that doesn't mean we know all about the breeding birds of Harford County. Anyone know where to find Red-headed Woodpeckers? Vesper Sparrows? Northern Bobwhite?

How to participate? Go birding in Harford County in June! Everyone is welcome and I encourage everyone to get out there. I am leading a June Challenge kick-off trip on June 1st where we will try to find some of the more uncommon breeding species in the county and look for a few late migrants and rarities found by the conference. So if you go birding in June simply send your sightings to me (or better yet, use the club listserv and ebird!) and I will keep a tally of all the species reported to the county in June. If you see a species listed as rare or accidental in summer in the Harford County Checklist (http://www.harfordbirdclub.org/HarfordChecklist.pdf), please include a couple sentences on the location and identification. People may want to chase it! I will post weekly updates to the listserv on the progress and try to include some suggestions on where to find new species.

At the end of the month, send me your list (hafner.matt@gmail.com) and I will publish the results of the first ever Harford County June Challenge!

2014 June Challenge Tally

Below is a table of the all the birds seen so far on the June Challenge and a few others that I believe are possible. Species in bold have NOT yet been recorded for the Challenge. The checklist code is taken from the summer season of the latest Harford County Checklist. I have added a few notes to some of the more uncommon species to help you refind some of the best sightings. Please email me if you see a species in bold or something not on the list.


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